7 Responses to Cain Train – Great Ride While It Lasted

  1. Bev says:

    I am very interested in who you are going to endorse now?

    • Kaye Richard says:

      I like Newt. He is brilliant with history and the Constitution and is not intimidated by Obama. Michelle Bachman is a strong conservative who would be tougher than Obama and would re-establish respect for America globally. Those are my two front runners at this time. I don’t see Trump getting back in but I have to admit I liked his postion on “take the oil”, drilling at home and on sending the toughest negotiators to deal with the Chinese.

  2. Sue Robinson says:

    I’m sure that the people that smeared President Clinton knew how to attack a man’s credibility. Cain did indeed seem like a decent guy. But, I must say that when he revealed he had not talked with his wife regarding the allegations. I knew that something was amiss. Hillary stood up for her man, and in spite of his flaws continued a kind of unwavering support. Too bad Cain’s wife couldn’t show the same support for him. It’s likely true that because both are so new to politics, they just couldn’t handle the heat. He’s far more solid than Omama, perhaps they smeared him because he was a real threat. Democracy should foster a sense of opposition but not personal attack. Too bad.
    Good article.

    • Kaye Richard says:

      Some great thoughts there Sue.

      I would take issue with the belief that Clinton was smeared. Monica’s semen stained dress was the smoking gun eventually turned over to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr then investigating the Clintons over their Whitewater real estate investments and loans controversy. On the advice of author and friend Lucianne Goldberg, Linda Tripp taped phone conversations with her friend Monica Lewinsky when the latter confided about her affair with Clinton. Tripp convinced Lewinsky to keep the blue dress with Clinton’s DNA intact. The dress furthered the case for impeachment. Clinton was a serial womanizer (Geniffer Flowers – her released phone tapes forced the Clintons to admit to marital problems, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey – she and her husband knew the Clintons) He admitted his “improper physical relationship” with Lewinsky in taped Grand Jury testimony in August 1998. Other names associated with Clinton include Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Sally Perdue & Dolly Kyle Browning.

      I agree that Herman Cain should have kept his wife in the loop if he was helping out another woman financially.

      Gloria Cain is not a fan of the spotlight but her presence could have gone a long way. As you point out Hilary stood by Bill (regardless of motivation) and it was well received. You are correct. I don’t think either of them was prepared for the brutality of the attack.

      You are also spot on re the reason Cain was taken out. He was a threat. The voters would have tuned in with huge numbers for a Cain/Obama debate and Obama is not up for that challenge. Now he is in a worse position having to face Gingrich or maybe even Bachman.

      • Sue Robinson says:

        Also, I didn’t refer to if he was helping out someone financially, I was referring to the scandal, of telling her that he was being accused of what he was being accused of.

  3. Sue Robinson says:

    I knew about the Lewinsky matter, I was referring to the questionable investments. However, the public liked Clinton, just as they did a similarly popular president(JFK) and were willing to still like him.
    Thanks for your comments back.

    • Kaye Richard says:

      No question about it. Many Americans do have an affinity for Clinton and always will. He’s the type of guy you’d love to have a beer with knowing he will regale you with story after story from behind the scenes.

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