About Kaye Richard

I am a fiscally conservative but somewhat Libertarian thinker who believes government, without limitations, that refuses to listen to the people, is freedom’s worst enemy.  It is OUR worst enemy.  If you doubt that, simply look at the amount of control government exerts over supposedly free people.  Who is working for whom?

I believe liberalism and socialism are communism on the installment plan.

I believe government should stand aside and allow the individual to reach their full potential.  The same limited government must maintain a strong military and only undertake common sense responsibilities as defined by hopefully, an intelligent and fully informed electorate.  Given today’s public education system, that is a lot to ask.  I know.  Thank you teachers unions and government meddling.

Man made global warming is not an undisputed scientific fact.  Oil provides the way to productivity, financial security and military strength.  Drill here, drill now is the best plan for strength and independence.  That has not happened under the Obamanation misleading America.

I am not afraid of second hand smoke.  It will not kill me or you and I do not need the government to protect me from McDonalds, trans fats or salt.  Neither do you.

On a brighter note – It may be the kid in me but the Hummer H2 still tops my list of favorite rides.   Now THIS is a Hummer!  I also appreciate the ’92 Cadillac Brougham D’elegance with a smooth running 350.

No, I’m not much of an environmentalist.  I like comfort and style and I do not believe man has the ability to destroy the earth God created.  To believe we do requires a special level of arrogance.

Feedback is welcome.  Click on comment found at the end of each article.  Share your thoughts.

Go Trump (more so now than ever)!

Kaye Richard


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