5 Responses to Low Information Voters

  1. Bev says:

    I truly missed your edgy articles and this one certainly fills that bill. I think one should pass a voters test before voting similar to getting a drivers license. This could never happen now in the culture we live in. Even Nancy Pelosi said ObamaCare had to be passed so we could find out what’s in it. You pass a bill that’s 15,000 pages long without reading it? What kind of people are we voting into office?????

    • Your last question says it all. The under informed, those who don’t see that liberalism is the foundation for most of societies ills, are now moving into the majority and have the power to further weaken our freedom, our self reliance and our ability to choose our individual destiny through their collective vote. The tyranny of government relies on the ignorance of the low information voter to survive. Conservatives have failed miserably to explain the political war that is underway and the cost to free men as socialism replaces capitalism. Greece and Cyprus are front page news and the low information voter still misses the obvious.

  2. JoAnn says:

    Very interesting article and can apply to so many other areas besides politics. People are like ostriches going about their lives with their heads buried in the sand. Blind and oblivious to what is going on they blindly follow one another over the proverbial cliff….while the shrewd and cold hearted make billions and live lavish lives at the expense of the uninformed blind ostrich like masses.

    • The people’s heads may be coming out of the sand very soon JoAnn. The Department of Homeland Security has made recent purchases of bullets totalling 1.6 billion. Heavily armoured MRAPs returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are reportedly being moved to various locations across the US. Many of them have been placed with law enforcement agencies. Congress has asked what is going on. Homeland Securiy Secretary Janet Napolitano has refused to tell them.

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