3 Responses to Tolerance For Everyone But Conservative Christians

  1. Sharon Bilawski says:

    You are totally in the right regarding what you have said. Hatred is so blind it cannot think logically to see how ridiculous its reasoning is. This situation is a clear example of this. How sad that these leftists want so badly to have their views declared right and to receive acceptance that they end up behaving like children, thinking that belittling others will somehow lift themselves into a better light. The only ones they fool are themselves.

    • The vitriolic attack on Dan Cathy, a good and decent man by all accounts, was shameful. It proved again the double standard mentality of the left. The media, always complicit, failed to point out Cathy merely expressed his support for strong traditional families. When it becomes so acceptable to vilify that position, and it clearly has, then we must question how much deeper in the gutter we will allow our society to sink.

  2. Sue Robinson says:

    I think that anyone who can become successful, regardless of left of right attitudes, with or without government assistance, because at some point the assistance dries up, is very successful.

    What angered people was his asscertion that he knew what God knew about the family, and what constituted a family unit. His comments were most obviously against any form of gay/lesbian unions, but what of widow or widowers, what of those who are divorced etc. The anger against gays/lesbians this man demonstrates, by using such comments as “bringing God’s judgement by shaking our fist at Him, and saying we know better”, what about blended families. The left does NOT solely consist of gays and Lesbians, there are many different people with many different opinions. He has the right to his free speech, however, if he is going to be so vocal about such a contentious issue, he should expect to tic a few off. And maybe that might impact his business. Business is often affected by the actions and words of the ones in charge, be it scandle or otherwise. I’m sure his business wasn’t that hurt by this, and in all likelihood, he did it to stir up some contraversery and get his business and his name in the paper.
    Anyone is entitled to their opinion. I see in these days, it is very dangerous to have a differing opinion on certain subjects. Just like Howard Stern, he offends me more than I can say, but I would defend his right to speak his mind. Same with this guy, I find it a bit offensive, that he has the audacity to negate the value of family, be it in whatever form it takes, but, I defend his right to say it. Diversity is inclusive, not exclusive. What’s happening is there is so much polarization of thought and opinion, there is no longer a coming together and finding common ground, within differences.
    Sometimes you do have to go along to get along, and in business, that is doubly the case. What he said in essence, was dirsive and meant to drive away LGBT business. Fine. If that was his aim, then he succeeded. There is a company, can’t think of the name, but it says it a family company. One could contrue this in the same way, but it maintains a sterling brand image, it’s all in the tone of the message.
    Dan Cathy, most obviously offended many, many people for them to vow to bring his business down financially. He has his friends, he will not really be hurt by this, and his pockets will be lined with alittle more cash over the whole contravercy. Which in my mind is what Mr. Cathy’s aim was in the first place. I doubt he’ll suffer any long term damage to his company.

    Freedom exists for all, not just the right not just the left. . If people think something is unfair, they should speak up, and be able to do so, without fear of retribution, but they should also do so with respect to others feelings and take great care.

    Dan Cathy is not a dangerous man, but a man in business. This leaves his business vulnerable to attack based on words. His is a family business, he offened some of his customers, and they spoke up and now do not want his business in their neighbourhood, that’s the only reason politians even got involved.

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