5 Responses to More Gun Control Is Not The Answer

  1. Ann White says:

    AMAZING perspective on everything you choose to write about.
    ALWAYS look forward to your articles!!!!!

    • Thank you Ann. I appreciate your support. Very happy you share my positions. Let me know when you disagree. We’ll get a good dialogue going.

      • GeonHo says:

        . . . . A gun owner is responsible for securing his or her weapon. To me, that means when you’re around it’s under your control and when you’re not around it’s locked up where nobody can get it. . . . . . .Unfortunately, I have to agree that in gun control parlance, “securely stored” probably means “always locked up where nobody can get it, including the owner.”I’m also wondering how many firearms used in crimes are actually burglarized from private homes, stolen from cars, or (the liberals’ favorite scenario) taken from their “overpowered” owners during self-defense situations. Anybody have statistics?

  2. Sue Robinson says:

    I’m sorry but again, I fail to see the logic in your words. Personally I think all guns should be turned in. In the hands of the wrong person at a wrong moment, they create devastation. I feel safer with gun control here in Canada. The trick is making sure the person is sane. But in certain situations, even the sanest of us, might be provoked to a misdeed, given access to a gun, only to profoundly regret our actions later. The gun issue, is more about trying to feel safe with the ability to kill someone else before they kill you. I don’t see how that accomplishes anything. It’s really only an eye for an eye. You said the NRA being quiet about this issue is a class act. They usually are when these things happen, but not for the reasons you imagine. It’s not a class act to continue to allow free gun use everywhere. If more had been armed in the theatre, more would have been killed. That’s a fact. What with all the panic going on.
    It’s people with guns that kill people. Take away the guns, people will still have safety issues, but you take away the means to an impulsive, regretted act.
    As for you stat for Toronto, there were 200 incidents with guns in Toronto, Death or injury total was 114 not 200 as you reported. As per Toronto Police Board stats.

    In this day and age, we don’t need guns. It is in the United States constitution the right to bear arms. That is why everyone fights so hard to keep the gun. But, really why?? That is the real question!! Is was the 1700’s when the constitution was created.
    I know you’ll disagree with me, and perhaps not see my point in all this, but for what it’s worth, I defend your right to voice your opinion. Even if I disagree with it. I hope you will also respect my right to my opinion as well.

    • Removing guns treats the symptom not the problem. The problem is not guns. It is society and that’s all of us.

      Today, we make up our morality to suit individual situations. We each impact society in that regard. No longer are there moral absolutes. Everything is acceptable, nothing is wrong.

      The family as we knew it is gone. We no longer value the role traditionally played by the male. It used to take a man to raise a boy. Now that boy frequently has a single mother who is over worked and not home enough when needed. We are chastized if we dare to question the wisdom of Heather having two mommies. Too many times the important male role model is absent from the home.

      The kid’s role models (sports and entertainment stars for example) have no moral plumb line. It is a do whatever you want attitude in which our children are being raised. Is it any wonder they’re angry, anti-social, drugged out and willing to express their frustrations through violence? Take away the gun, turn to the knife. Do we then ban steak knives or baseball bats or whatever the next weapon of choice becomes?

      Banning guns allows us to feel good about ourselves even though we did nothing of substance. Ignoring the issues that create the violence is what we do. Facing up to the impact our moral choices have on others means having to accept responsibility and who is willing to do that? How many of us will evaluate our lifestyles and question whether we may be contributing to the problem?

      The gun is an inanimate object. It can’t do a damn thing until a human being picks it up and handles it hopefully in a sane legal manner. Tougher restrictions only impact legal gun owners who already obey the laws. The criminal just laughs at gun bans. They’ll still get theirs and then come looking to rob you because they know you’re not armed.

      I don’t want anti gun proponents determining what I do not need. It is my business what my family needs for protection, when we need it and how much of it we need. Frankly, more guns may bring about less gun violence. I recall a bouncer I knew sharing that things were “quiet recently” at the nightclub where he worked . “Why”, I asked. “Because”, said my bouncer friend, “You never know who’s packing heat.”

      To understand guns visit a shooting club. Talk to gun owners. Take a course. Who knows? You may even decide to take on responsibility for your own protection thus avoiding potential victim status.

      Ban guns? Wrong move at a time when, unfortunately, more troubled individuals will make tragic decisions. We can’t effectively change society by banning everything. We change society by how we choose to live and influence others. Beyond that – prepare to defend that which is yours. Bad times are coming and platitudes on the evil of guns won’t protect you.

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