1 Response to Could Finishing Second Prompt Another Newt Resurrection?

  1. Sue Robinson says:

    You remark that it is government interferance that has caused so many problems, it isn’t, the Mortgage mess of 2008, and it was the subsequent crash of the stock market in 2007-2008. It was Regannomics in the 80’s, and deregulation, that set the stage for the largest crash since the great depression. The president you should be blaming is not Obama, he is merely a conveinent fall guy, much like Stephan Dion was in Canada after the Quebec scandal.

    Rick Santorum was wrong, the real prize how he can best manage a country on the verge of bankrupcy, not a personal attack of the current president. Though Obama certainly wouldn’t have been my first choice, anyone who took office after the crash of 2008, would have been a “throw away” president, and blamed for what went wrong. If you want to blame anyone, blame GW Bush, he was in office when the crash came, for two terms.

    I saw Newt Gingrich’s speak last night, and was amazed at his poise and optimism, that’s what the US needs in an elected official. People are suffering right now, they don’t need mud slinging they need to know that things will get better. His speech was wise, but his background in the Resgan administration, would suggest otherwise. Many books suggest that it was Reaganomics and deregulation that brought the US to the crash. Who knows what the future holds, and who knows if he could be the one to lead in an effective manner. Sounds to me that he wants to be a combination of FDR and Ronald Reagan all rolled into one.

    I don’t for the life of me don’t understand why anyone would WANT to repeal universal medical care, doesn’t everyone deserve good health care??

    It’s not about removing from office the worst president, that’s already been done, George W. Bush did more to ruin the US than Barack Obama. During the crash, he did nothing until it was was too late, he could have stepped in sooner.

    But, the stage was set for a long time, when the is a crash came , there are are lost years afterword, think Japan, and the 1930’s. Recovery takes time. Blaming Obama is the easy way out, but things are rarely that straight forward. What he has been is a voice of reason, and calm during a very trying time, in the history of the US.

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