4 Responses to Occupiers Message – They’re All Losers

  1. Sharon Bilawski says:

    Hi Kaye,

    I stand with you in regard to much of what you say. I am appalled at the liberty OWS protestors have been able to get away with.
    I do feel there may be some disillusioned, somewhat uninformed individuals who sincerely believe there is an imbalance in our society due to capitalism, who may be part of this OWS group, so I wouldn’t go as extreme in my assessment of the type of people involved in this. Perhaps you have more knowledge than I of the kind of folks joining this movement, but even amongst the worst, I think there may be some who are generally pretty good people.
    The other thing is your statement about the parents of children who have joined this movement. There can be so many other factors which influence a child to join that I think it’s a jump to direct so much blame on the parents. Being one, I know a parent can only do so much, and a lean in a certain direction can sometimes be unavoidable in a child.
    So, I found your character judgments a little harsh, but overall, I’ve got to say I agree with what you’ve said.
    Well written, as always, Kaye. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kaye Richard says:

      Good to read your thoughts Sharon. I understand your position that even after parents have done a good job of raising their kids, some still go off the reservation. Absolutely valid comment. The problem we’re faced with is that ever increasing numbers of children are being raised by totally inept parents. They are sent to failing schools, learn liberal values (which are no values at all in the final analysis) and end up as unprepared, narcissistic, empty vessels ripe for the picking. These kids who chose to be outspoken have no idea of what they’re talking about. Someone is to blame for that. While a number of segments of our society can share the blame, the two most important influences are parents and educators.

  2. Sue Robinson says:

    I think calling someone a loser and an idiot, and all the other names that you did, is not an appropriate beginning for discussion. Misguided perhaps, no message probably. But, to villify, and blame the parents and educators of children, tsk tsk. I take issue with that part of your statement. As it was their message was garbled, perhaps if they had had a succint message to give you might have given the message more credit.
    Why is anyone person to blame for this mess anyway? There are likely alot more events to blame, than just one person. Alot has been happening in the world, and people are fed up. we’ll just have to see what’s going to happen next.

    • Kaye Richard says:

      Thanks Sue for commenting.

      The media has well documented the criminal activity that took part at different protest sites. “Women Only” tents were required at Zuccotti Park because of sexual assaults. During the clean up, hypodermic needles were found in abundance proving drug activity and careless disregard for the safety of others. There were numerous other violent infractions.

      When I studied news footage of the protesters and listened to their senseless statements and demands, I could not come to the conclusion that these people were in any way intelligent. They are the very definition of fools. They have the temerity to form unruly mobs, make impossible demands and believe they deserve some type of recognition as great citizens with ability to save us from ourselves. Their sense of self importance is greatly exaggerated in their own minds. If any of them understands the system and is serious about REAL change, then let them run for and win election to office. They can work from within in accordance with their convictions and bring about the changes they believe in. Simply taking over space, living in squalor and expecting local businesses to give you free stuff is the sign of an idiot. Actually it is the defintion of a parasite. I will reserve the positive terms like decent, patriot and hero for those who, for example, put on the uniform and put life and limb on the line to pay the extremely high cost of freedom. The Occupiers can’t hold a candle to those respectable, decorous men and women.

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