2 Responses to Government’s Tobacco Tax Addiction

  1. Sharon says:

    Interesting thoughts. You are right that everyone knows there’s a risk to smokers.
    Personally, I’m glad the gov’t has banned smoking in various places, because it makes it easier to know an establishment is smoke-free – i.e. a restaurant. If the individual place has the choice of what they want to do with smokers, then that certainty is taken away. Also, if I was a restaurant owner who did not want people smoking in my establishment, I would be pleased the gov’t has put the ban in place, instead of me having to tell patrons or post a notice for patrons to read, that might turn them away from my restaurant, and give them the choice of going to another one that might allow smoking.


    • Kaye Richard says:

      This topic is another example of what I see as a great debate with firmly held positions on both sides.

      To the issue of dining and smoking – I suspect that if restauranteurs where allowed to operate free of government interference, the market available to them of both smokers and non smokers would work quite nicely to everyones benefit. Because I believe that so firmly, I want to look beyond the issue of smoking to that which I see as far more damaging. It is the loss of freedom to live our lives as individuals making almost all of our own choices. Government control has been creeping up on us with our permission and encouragement for decades. I do not know where it ends but I do know it will not end until we say – enough!

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