2 Responses to Obama – The Reluctant Warrior

  1. Margaret says:

    As for the hunting down and the killing of Usama bin Laden…so true….it was because of Bushes initial prompting in hunting him down that caused the downfall of bin Laden. It’s most unfortunate that Obama is getting the credit where credit is not due. All I can say I’m so glad that one terrorist has been taken care of and discarded. Now the focus should be on the others. Let’s hope that may occur. Can’t see it happening given Obama’s take on terrorism.

    • Kaye Richard says:

      Obama finds himself in a difficult position. He needs to appeal to his extreme liberal base but, at the same time, he must face the realities of office. I suspect that with his poll numbers so low, someone who has his ear will urge him to appear more up to the challenge of fighting terrorism. It is more than likely that President Obama will do exactly what President Bush would have done to at least some degree in pursuing the bad guys. At some point, even Barack Obama, one hopes, will see the wisdom in fighting radical Islam rather than appeasing it.

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