4 Responses to No Right To Demand More – Liberals In Shock

  1. Sharon says:

    I have to say you blow my socks off with the boldness of your extremely well written articles! You should have a column with a national newspaper. Your articles are easy to read and very interesting. You amaze me regarding your fearless expression of how you see things – and people.

    I really mean that about a column with a national newspaper. You have all that it takes!

    • Kaye Richard says:

      Thank you Sharon. I appreciate your words of support. National exposure would indeed be a great achievement.

      I decided to do these columns to offer another source for alternative political and social thought. Liberalism is a massive failure proved by decades of experience. I suggested a few years ago a desire to see the Democrats in control of America for one term merely to see how far into the ground they could run the country. They exceeded my expectations in destroying the economy, opportunity, hope and belief in the future. I agree with Donald Trump who believes the land of Lady Liberty is now seen as a joke by the world. The Democrat Party and liberalism need to be soundly defeated in 2012 and if I can have a part in returning America to greatness then I am only to happy to participate.

  2. Beverly says:

    Wow, you do have a powerful way with words. I also agree with Sharon that your articles are good enough for America’s largest newspapers. Keep up your great work.

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