6 Responses to Rethinking The Social Safety Net

  1. Beverly says:

    When individuals and churches offer help, the needy are more inspired to work hard to get out of their personal crises. Those in need respond more to the human connection and feel a rightful obligation to improve their lives. Government, always faceless and cold, does not possess the capacity to stimulate personal growth.

    • Kaye Richard says:

      Very true. I too would like to see our many faith based institutions step up to the plate and care for those who need help and guidance. For the church, caring was an obligation and one they used to meet commendably. For government, it has become big business and they are doing a terrible job.

  2. Ann says:

    EXCELLENT article! Have you ever thought of running for “Prime Minister?”
    The need for people like you in politics is NOW! We continually sit back and let bad decisions be made on our behalf. You said it so well and it is more than time that we stopped the abuse of those that will continue to use the system to their advantage and teach their children to do the same. We see them everyday and everywhere. LETS DO SOMETHING!!!!!

    • Kaye Richard says:

      Everyone is looking for a leader Ann but true leaders are few and far between. We as individual voters must take up the fight on our own behalf. You begin by refusing to elect politicians who believe in the redistribution of wealth. The producers are being destroyed by the takers but it is done with our permission.

      Work to defeat liberalism because I assure you it is working to defeat you.

  3. Owen says:

    Great article on Liberalism and how it basically bought votes for years under the colours of the Red and White.(as a side issue I believe that NO political party should be allowed to use the colours of the flag!) I have just completed my college studies at the pleasure of Her Majesty with funds from Ministry of Colleges and Universities. It is a substantial investment in my future. I do now have an opportunity to go forward into full time employment to bring prosperity to my wife and I. She is now on ODSP in Ontario. So I believe that soon this Provincial investment will bring a benefit as neither of us will need Govt handout. Also I have witnessed a man with a walking disability and college education sit for hours on Internet to download movies and watch G.Springer tv show but not able to work for any income. Or a woman that can do similarly with wit and charm that I’m sure could contribute to the public purse rather than always taking from it. You’re right the stakeholders are politicians and civil servants who have job security from a growing social system.

    • Kaye Richard says:

      Congratulations on your achievements to date. I have few issues with those who use the benefits available to position themselves for greater things. Each one, upon reaching the status of producer, gives back over many years as an overburdened taxpayer. I agree with your observations of those around you who are better at taking than contributing. I have seen many myself. They, interestingly enough, are frequently most able to identify malfeasance at the corporate level but never quite see their actions as in any way undermining to those who toil daily.

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